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Are We a Fit?

What makes Gaiser Financial Group unique? We made a strategic decision to work with a select group of individuals. We want our clients to feel they are a big fish in a small pond, rather than a small fish in a big pond.

Our goal is not to be all things to all people, but to be all things to a few people. We are focused on how small we can keep our client base; rather than how many clients we can obtain.

When working with new potential clients, there are four things we look at:

  1. Is there good chemistry? We work best with people who are team oriented.

  2. Are your goals and objectives achievable? We do not want to help someone fail.

  3. Is your net worth above our threshold? We work with clients who have a higher than average net worth.

  4. Can we add value? During our Value Test, we determine if we can add value to your current financial situation. If we cannot add value, then we will not try to. “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it”

 If the answers to these questions are yes, then and only then, would we invite your family to be a part of our family.