CNN Money

CNN Money | Don’t retire – transition to a new chapter in life Updated: Jul 19, 2018I recently met with a couple faced with a major life crisis. The husband was told by his doctor he had one year to live. That was ten months ago, and I have the task of helping him and… Continue reading CNN Money

Phased Retirement

Is Phased Retirement a Good Fit for You? Shifting from a full workload to an open schedule upon retirement is a drastic change, and many baby boomers don’t want such an abrupt transition. Some employers also want older employees to pass their valuable skills on to younger workers before they leave. A phased retirement, which… Continue reading Phased Retirement

Guidelines for a Happy Retirement

6 Guidelines for a Happy Retirement The transition from work to retirement can be a challenge. As much as we complain about work, a full-time job provides us with a routine, a community and a sense of purpose. If you want to enjoy a fulfilling retirement, you need to find a way to replace those… Continue reading Guidelines for a Happy Retirement

Avoid Making the Same Mistake

How to Avoid Making the Same Mistake Aretha Franklin Did. The vast majority of folks are no longer exposed to the federal estate tax, thanks to today’s ultra-generous $11.18 million exemption for singles or effectively $22.36 million for married couples. Great! But being exempt from the federal estate tax is not the end of the… Continue reading Avoid Making the Same Mistake

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